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First awards for race equaltiy in HE

ECU’s Race Equality Charter, the first award scheme recognising race equality work in higher education, was officially launched on 20 January 2016. The commitment and progress of all the trial participants was celebrated with eight Bronze awards presented by Professor Laura Serrant, a patron of the Race Equality Charter. The Charter is now open to all higher education institutions in the UK.

Professor Serrant and civil rights campaigner Baroness Lawrence spoke about the need for action on the racial inequalities that exist in HE. Baroness Lawrence said that HE ‘has been abysmal and slow to engage with the racial inequalities that exist’. She went on to say that ‘there can be no excuse for these inequalities, the sector is failing black students and staff’. Patron Professor Kevin Hylton added his voice through a pre-recorded video underlining the importance of the charter for staff and students.

Source: Equalitylink, a monthly round-up of equality and diversity news, resources and Equality Challenge Unit’s work with the sector.

“All adult educators base their work on a theory or paradigm, believes Professor Jyri Manninen*. It is another matter whether the practitioner’s choice of theory is conscious or unconscious.”

Althought the article does not speak about gender, I wonder how we could apply Manninen’s interview to “gender” in adult education.

  • Manninen is Professor of Adult & Continuing Education at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu.